How Can I Feel Better Sooner?

Many of us overlook the simple steps in self care.

By incorporating some small things into your daily regimen, you can begin to feel better.

When it comes to taking care of your body, self-awareness is everything. Be aware of how your body is operating, and what you can tweak and adjust so that you experience optimum output. There are some simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will reap great rewards as you go through life.


Three Simple Things to Get You Started …

  1. Listen To Your Body
    You will know what feels right – and what feels wrong – and when you need more attention to certain areas. 

  2. Plan Ahead and Start Small
    Set aside 10 minutes of each day for rolling, that’s a great place to start, and 10 minutes is enough to reap the benefits. 

  3. Understand Which Options Work For You
    This takes a little time, but will come pretty easily once you start incorporating rolling into your daily regimen. Allow yourself to try different things, explore different ways of rolling, and you’ll start to fall into a routine that works for you.


A Few Fundamental for Healthier Muscles

What you put into your body drastically effects what you get out of it.

The human body is largely composed of water, which makes up 50%-75% of your body weight. The amount of water within different tissues in the body can differ. For example, the brain is about 70% water, the lungs are 80% water, the bones are 30% water and the muscles are approximately 80%. Water is extremely important to every cell in the body. It serves first as a building material, and every metabolic reaction in the body occurs in the presence of water.


The body being hydrated is an important part of foam rolling. When we move the surfaces inside the body (tendons, ligaments, muscles, underside of the skin, etc.), they all need to slide across each other with minimal friction. When the body does not have adequate water the tissues cannot slide freely. This can lead to the body producing tissue (think of a microscopic scar forming) between the two layers. Over time, this will lead to less and less movement and increase the chances of injury. In order for foam rolling to be most effective, make sure to hydrate before and after rolling.


Live Your Life Healthy

Your lifestyle has a huge impact on the way you move. Your posture, alignment, and even how you sit can wreak havoc on how your body functions.



The human body is a very adaptable organism. While this adaptability has allowed for our growth and development as a species, the current sedentary state of individuals is having a negative impact on our health. 


Over time, the sedentary and hunched over postures we tend to succumb to daily due to texting, cell phones and computers can become habitual and illicit abnormal degrees of stress to certain areas.

As a society, we are “ninja” sitters. We sit more than anything else and do this the majority of our life. If we go back to function dictating structure, how does the structure change if we do not move the way intended? The SAID Principle is another common term in exercise science—Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. In other words, we become really good at what we do most often. If we sit, then we become good sitters. If we lift heavy weight, we become strong. In order to move with confidence, consistency, and over a long period of time we have to move well.


Creating Effective Recovery Days

Creating Effective Recovery Days

Rest and recovery are the most underutilized ways to increase mobility and enhance performance.


Muscles tend to recover faster with direct blood flow, but our other systems take longer to recover. TriggerPoint recommends the following for creating an effective recovery day:



Muscles to do not grow bigger, stronger, or leaner during the workout. They change when we sleep. Sleep is the only time “true” recovery occurs. During this time the body releases certain hormones that help with protein synthesize, muscles relax, blood supply to muscles increases and energy is restored. In addition, adequate sleep can help with memory and mental preparedness for the following day.


Being properly hydrated is one of the most important aspects of health for muscles and connective tissue. In order for muscles to be able to move and slide past each other in a frictionless environment, they need to be hydrated. Consider what happens when we stretch. We never actually stretch out the muscle fibers. Instead, we are applying a force that is encouraging the fibers to slide past each other.